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Protected from a world of angels, demons, vampires, and hybrids, Alexandra thinks knowing nothing about her father is the biggest of all the secrets her mother holds. Until she has an accident on her motorbike.

It’s strange enough for speed-loving Alexandra to crash and gets paralyzed, then wake up a few minutes later completely healed. Difficult for her to draw the truth out of her protective mother and even stranger to understand why she sees visions of angels. But what’s hardest for Alexandra is acknowledging that there’s a hybrid they call the Vangel, who is both her foe and soulmate. He wants Alexandra dead, but no one remembers his face.

Is he Alexandra’s current boyfriend, her maybe-next boyfriend, or someone she’s yet to meet?  The answer lies in her past, which she can’t know until she gets the Ring that will protect her from the fatal consequences of knowing the truth. Will Alexandra be patient enough to wait? Or will her curiosity bring the world tumbling down?

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