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Alexandra must give up the man she loves or condemn him and herself to death. She’s determined to do the right thing and save the lives of her loved ones, and also keep the promise she made to her parents never to run away with the Vangel. It all seems easy until she sets her eyes on him. He must not drink her blood. How could he when she’s sure not to let him kiss her? But for how long will she  hold on to her will to resist him?


When I read that line, my heart stopped beating. My blood shrieked to a halt because there was no point of blood flow anymore. I couldn’t comprehend a point to living, but that hurt soon changed to anger.
I’m sorry if I hurt you. If it helps, you should know that I love you. I love you so much, it hurts.
She’s right it hurts. I was prepared to give her everything and show her who I am, but it’s clear she doesn’t want that. Judging by the fact that she called Ashton to her rescue, I can only conclude that she doesn’t love me as much.
Your Beautiful Alexandra.
But she was no longer mine. She had taken that away from me without even asking, and I too let that happen. Sometimes doing nothing is doing something, as Mother says.
    I read her letter more than once. In fact, I read it more than enough times that I have now memorized it word for word, punctuation for punctuation. I now know exactly the lines that make me cry and the lines that cause my heart to bleed. I don’t even care if Ashton knows about us, I just want—
   “Van-Bailey!” shouts a voice that I know too well, breaking me from my thoughts. “Get out now!” My bathroom door bangs recklessly, so I quickly dry my face and hurry to open it, only to receive a knockout punch.
   “Argh!” I fall to the marble tiled floor and fight the blinding lights, squinting to see the face of my enemy. “Ashton?” I cough and manage to stand back on my feet, but not for long. I receive another punch, this time to the nose. I stumble back, my hands looking for somewhere to balance on, then I end up dropping a load of bathroom products all over the floor. 
    “How could you?” Ash breathes, one hand on his mouth covering his trembling lips. I forget the Viennamo tan on his skin and focus on the fashioned rage within his clenched fist, as well as the dark tale of anger and fury that has now sharpened his jaws, causing him to look like the father of darkness. 
   “That's for being a coward, secretly going after my girlfriend. I fucking trusted you. We're brothers, Van-Bailey!” His voice thunders. 
     And he’s swearing. Ash rarely swears.
I search his jumpy and restless eyes, trying to reply and say something sensible, but there is nothing I can say to make things better. I’m better off just keeping my lips sealed.
    “Speak!” he shouts, his face screwed with hate and veins visible on his creased forehead, and then he walks out of the bathroom with his shoulders slightly hunched forward.
Keeping my distance, I follow with a wet towel over my nose to stop the bleeding.
    “It seems everyone whom I call my brother is after my girlfriend,” he mumbles.
   His girlfriend? “She wasn’t even your girlfriend for most of the time,” I finally reply, my voice breaking as I try to argue out my side. “Maybe if you hadn’t left her then this wouldn’t have happened in the first place. But I am happy you left, Ashton.” I cough a little more before adding, “Alexandra is the best thing that ever happened to me, and I’m sorry, but I am not giving up.” 
   After all that brawling and punching, he stands like a God during a thunderstorm, with his legs shoulder-width apart and his hands in the back pocket of his pants. He pushes the sleeves of his knitted cardigan up, exposing his arms that are now laced with veins of red, blue and green. 
    “I’ve got an offer for you." Hands on his hips, he paces from side to side in front of me. "Promise me you’ll leave Alex alone and I’ll tell you the name of your wife.”
    “What?” I blink repeatedly. “You know her name?Who the hell are you?” 
“Your word, Van-Bailey, and I’ll tell you. Here and now.”
   “Where’s this coming from? And how do I know you’re telling the truth?”

Angel Fantasy Romance

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