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With a loud cry, I rise on tiptoes, my arms outstretching. I arch backward. A flashback of what happened the last time I found myself in this involuntary stance sends my heart pounding. I had arrowed Chan.
I fight to stop myself, but a grunt from John tells me I’m too late. A colossal shadow hovers over me. I look up. Giant silver wings motion from behind me. They caress my feet as they fold around me and flood my nose with a sweet scent of wild flowers. As the crowd gasps, I spin to face John and find his back against the floor, an arrow lodged in his chest.
I look back at myself, at the wings I thought ejected from my father. They’re mine, not his. Here is the proof Zach-Louis needs. Now he knows what I am. A hybrid. My muscles turn rigid, dread trickling down my spine. Low hums of the people’s chatter fade to an uneasy silence. I'm not sure if this is what I wanted, but I'm going to die.

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