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Archangels reunited. Or are they? The clock is ticking. And Lucifer is waiting for the right moment to strike.


Amid the chaos, I kept thinking of all the things I’d deprived Alex and myself of, just so she can live. And now we were going to die? How did I become so focused on the future and forgot the present?


“You’re my life,” he whispered. “As you live on, I do too.” He rubbed my cheek gently before looking away to hide the tears I could already feel in his heart. He then turned back to me, his stare solemn. “If you miss me, pray without ceasing. Eventually, your prayer will be answered.”

It was then I feared he was going to die.


The idea kept crossing my mind. Could this be one of those moments? I wanted to be right about E’s identity. But If I was, then there could only be one way to describe the status quo. An impossibly possible impossibility. Holy-unfathomable.


What can I say? I told Him what was in my heart. “You are a vindictive being,” I yelled. “The worst father in all the galaxies. They said you were merciful. Where is your compassion now? Where are you? My hate for you supersedes your love for me. How about that, Father? The one thing I can do better than you.”

Can you imagine how He responded? I bet you can’t.

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