No plot twists. Just the answers you need :)

How often is a new book released?

Every 3-4 months

Do I have to read your books in a certain order?

Yes, I recommend reading them in order.

What is the reading order of the Lost Archangels Series?

Lost Angels The Seer The Ring The Vangel The Curse The Agony UnBroken The FirstBorns

How do I join your mailing list?

Thank you for your interest in Tatenda's novels. To join her mailing list, click here

How can I get an Advanced Reader's Copy (ARC)?

Join our mailing list for lastest updates on ARCs.

Can I email you to discuss your novels?

Sure! I'm always excited to receive emails from readers. I am to reply to all messages within 24hrs. Fill in our Contact form here

Did you used to write as Mantissa Creed?

Yes, I'm the same person

What genres do you write in?

Fantasy Romance Paranormal Romance I sometimes fantacize about writing mystery & thriller novels :)